How to stay with a web development project

The best teacher is failure. Isn't that the truth?

I consistently run into the feeling of confusion. It's like I hit the brakes without meaning to. This is a forced pause.

I want to explore this forced pause. First, I want to describe what the forced pause is.

The forced-pause is when your brain no longer knows the steps to take. Usually, this is immediately following your great idea. It is signified by the sound, "Uhh."

"Let's throw a party!" "Awesome idea! Where?" "Uhh..."

"This drawer is always a mess. Let's organize it." "Awesome idea! How?" "Uhh..."

"Wouldn't it be great if an app helped people do..." "Awesome idea! How will you make it? "Uhh..."

What do you do when you get caught in the forced-pause?

The forced pause is really an invitation to be creative. Some people are scared of this invitation. There isn't a defined, correct answer. We must invent one!

Sometimes our inventions work. That is great! But, sometimes our inventions fail. That is a bummer. It is in this space where a growth mindset is needed. Turn your failures into learning. Just don't give up! Create another invention.

Here are some questions to help guide you when you get caught in the forced pause.

  • Why do I want to create this project?
  • What will the project look like?
    • What does a drawing of it look like?
    • How would I describe it to someone else?
  • What are some smaller pieces of the overall project?
    • How might I make each piece?
    • What questions do I have about each piece?
  • What are specific, measureable outcomes of the project?
    • How can we get these outcomes?

What are some of your answers to these questions?

Questions are tools. I hope these help get you through the forced-pause moments. Don't let the fear of the unknown stop you from completing your project. You are creative! You are inventive! You are an Evolving Coder!